“Her voice just makes me melt.” is just one of the lovely comments made by a client at a recent charity event and performance by The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band.

Halfway through the band’s performance of “The Writing’s On The Wall”, which was recorded by Sam Smith for the most recent Bond film Spectre, the room was silent, the guests stopped playing on the casino tables and turned to watch the band and listen, a guest leaned over to the event organiser and said “Her Voice Just Makes Me Melt”.

The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band did a more relaxed and stripped back version of The Writing’s on the Wall.  It was a dynamic and emotional performance.   One other guest said that it was “the first time I knew what the words were to the song, I didn’t like the original as I had no idea what Sam Smith was singing, but I could hear them tonight and I loved this version – beautifully sung too”.

So if you are planning a Casino or James Bond themed event or wedding then please get in contact for a bespoke, competitive and all inclusive quote.  The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band is a quality 10 piece James Bond Tribute Band who are really easy to work with but also guarantee a quality and polished performance.

We also have the best party set around which we play later in the evening once your guests get itchy feet and need to start partying.  We have the best hits from the 1950’s to present day chart hits and we are always adding new music to our sets so that we stay fresh and vibrant.

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