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When you contact The Name Is Band … Bond Tribute Band to quote for your event we can answer any questions you may have as well as suggest how best we fit with your event.  

Scroll down to see a few of the frequently asked questions we receive.  Alternatively just give us a call and we can chat through everything over the phone.  Our Secret Agents can help advise and guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Yes we do!  We don’t scale up or down to suit a budget as we keep our costs to the absolute minimum and know that when we quote it will be competitive and also great value.  Our band is made up of 11 people: 10 musicians and 1 sound engineer and we can guarantee you that we only ever play 100% live.  If you are worried about the size of the stage – please don’t!  You’d be surprised at how small a space we can fit into and our sound engineer ensures we stay within sound limits.

All quotes are based on the location for your event, your required timings and we can promise you it will be competitively priced.  So we can’t give you an exact price or even a guess without knowing a little bit more about your event.  Complete our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

Yes we do!  You can be sure that when you book The Name is Band … Bond Tribute Band you are booking a team of professional musicians who play together regularly and we give an exceptional performance every time!  

Not only do we all play together regularly, we are passionate about our performance and love playing these iconic James Bond Themes.  We also have our own high quality PA system and our own dedicated sound engineer to ensure we sound great and adapt to the room/venue we are playing in.  Everyone in the band is professional in their performance and outlook and you won’t find any divas or anyone who isn’t giving 100% at the event.

We know that there are some agencies that will receive your email enquiry and put together a band for your event made up of whatever musicians are available for that date.  They may be great musicians but they won’t always play together regularly and it doesn’t always give the best results.  Also a big chunk of your budget is given to the agency – so spend your money wisely – book a dedicated James Bond Tribute Band for your event, go direct and save hundreds of pounds as well as guarantee your event the very best in entertainment.

We can and do perform anywhere in the UK and abroad.  No matter the venue or location we work with you to keep our costs to the absolute minimum.  When playing abroad we do need to factor in things such as travel and accommodation but no event is too far to travel! 

No we don’t!  Many bands use backing tracks to “pad out the sound” or to replace live musicians and will scale the band down to suit a budget, replacing those musicians lost with a backing track.  When you book The Name Is Band … Bond Tribute Band you can be sure you will always have 10 professional musicians on stage playing 100% live. Our music is written specifically for our 10 piece band so that we can sound as authentic and as near to the original theme as possible.

We can give you a few reasons to book us over any other Bond Tribute Band.  As an established band we have never let a customer down and are well established (2007).  Reliability and professionalism is paramount.   There are no backing tracks or “miming” involved as we always play 100% live and  always as a 10-piece meaning our performance is consistent and polished.  Added to that we keep our costs to a minimum and our quotes are competively priced.  There are no egos or difficult personalities in the band and every member is really easy to work with, approachable and dedicated to giving you the best performance.

Our playing times are totally up to you.  Normally we have a bond set which is about 75 minutes in length which we can play in one set or split into two.  We also do fantastic party sets so expect to have either a one hour or two hour party set full of non-stop, high-energy party sets to pack that dance floor all night long.

With every quote we provide you with 10 musicians, 1 sound engineer, 1 long or 2 short Bond themed sets, 1 non-stop party set, quality sound/PA equipment and lighting, an arrival time of 4:30/5pm and a midnight finish.  If you need any extras like an early set up in the daytime, a later finish in the evening, an extra party set or you would like to add on our jazz/easy listening/cocktail set in the afternoon then just ask!

A stage is great as those guests who are seated can see the band and also watch everyone dancing and does add to the impact.  However, not all venues, or budgets for that matter, are able to accommodate this so we don’t demand one.  If you do need one then the minimum size required would be 20′ x 15′ to give us enough room to move about.

We have hired the equipment and pyrotechnics in the past and are happy to do this on your behalf.  However, you may find that it’s cheaper and easier to source a local supplier who can install them for you on the day and deploy them during the event.  We are happy to advise what’s needed if required.

Absolutely.  If we have a public event then you are more than welcome to come along to see the band.  Most of our events are private and access to see the band at these events isn’t possible.  Alternatively if we are holding a rehearsal then we can invite you along to hear and meet the band.  We do have a selection of videos on the website you can view that we recorded 100% live at an event.  See them here.

We like to arrive at a venue in the afternoon to ensure that we are set up and sound checked in good time.  With 11 people involved in the set up we are super-speedy, even for the most complex venues and stage layouts. 

If you are planning on your event carrying on until the early hours then we would recommend hiring a DJ.  However, for a midnight finish we can provide all the music for your event.  When the band is not performing we can play recorded music through our sound system and we have a fantastic range available from easy listening for early evening to party songs for when your guests wish to dance.  We can also provide a solo pianist, duo, trio, quartet or quintet if you fancy dinner music, cocktail reception music or want a laid back set in the early evening as guests arrive.  Just ask at the time of booking.

Yes please.  We need a room in which to get changed and leave our personal belongings somewhere near the performance area if possible.  We don’t expect a 3 course meal but some food and soft drinks would be most welcome at a suitable point through the evening and preferably after we’ve set up and sound checked.

Yes we are!  We have public liability insurance so your guests, the venue and the band are covered should any accidents happen.  We also have all our equipment fully pat tested every year to ensure it is all fit for purpose and in great working condition.  We invest heavily in our equipment so expect great quality PA and lighting.

The Name Is Band … Bond Tribute Band are an experienced team of performers.  We are lucky in the South West to also work with some of the top professional musicians in the UK so if a member of the regular band is ill then we have a fully trained up and rehearsed replacement available.  Remember we are an established band and not just thrown together by an agent or promoter to do each event so you are booking a fully professional and reliable Bond Tribute Band for your event.

Absolutely!  We actually have a spare radio mic available so if you need to use our microphone for speeches or to make announcements then yes of course you can borrow ours.  Just let us get set up and sound checked and then we’re good to go.

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The Name Is Band … Bond Tribute Band are a 10-piece band playing the James Bond Themes and an absolutely floor-filling, non-stop, high-energy party set for your Themed event.

Having searched high and low to find a James Bond Tribute Band in Italy with no success, we moved our search to the UK and, with only two months until the party, we contacted the Bond Tribute Band – The Name Is Band to see if they would be up for it!

From the moment we contacted Sarah and the rest of the band they did everything they could to make it happen for us. We couldn’t have done it without their never-ending enthusiasm and energy for the vision for our party. They even added a Star Wars song into their set especially for us! They really did make the party – there was absolutely no question of getting people up on the dance floor and the number of our guests who told us the following day “the band were amazing” speaks for itself.

The Name Is Band – The Bond Tribute Band are not a Tribute band, by any means, they are a group of extremely professional and talented musicians who we’d highly recommend.
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Include as much information about your mission as possible so that we can provide you with a fully inclusive quote.  

Alternatively, give our Miss Moneyspent a call to discuss the details.  You can ask all the questions you want to.  We are happy to advise and help you with the structure, timings and talk through everything with you.

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