If you are looking for a classy, suave and sophisticated James Bond Tribute Band for your themed James Bond Party then your search is over.

The Name Is Band…Bond Tribute Band are a fantastic James Bond Tribute Band.  We travel anywhere in the UK and abroad and only play 100% live.  The perfect tribute band for your themed James Bond Event.

In 2016 you may have seen or attended the Banksy “art” display at The Tropicana in Weston Super Mare.  This venue has been closed for many years having once been a popular tourist destination in the 1980’s.  Sadly after neglect by the local council authority, the venue fell into disrepair and had not been used for many years.  Banksy used the venue in 2016 and the local council realised that the venue needed to be invested in once more.

On the 19th August 2017 The Name is Band, Bond Tribute Band were asked to perform at this iconic venue. 

Mark Whitehouse, from Reaper Events, had taken over the internal performance space at The Tropicana and was putting on live music events.  Mark had seen The Name Is Band…Bond Tribute Band perform in Bristol in October 2016 for Avon Fire & Rescue’s annual dinner dance and asked us to play for a James Bond themed event at The Reaper Bar in August 2017.

Mark isn’t your normal promoter either it seems.  In preparation for this event he created an online video teaser as promotion which involved spending a few hours on the beach as the sun was setting with fast cars, a Bond look-a-like, some henchmen and a few fake guns.  What his team produced was a trailer for our band to firstly promote the event and, on the night of the event, act as an introduction with the full film shown. If you want a giggle and to watch it have  look at this link

This ended up with a fight scene and our female vocalist acting as a Pussy Galore style turncoat, who shot the henchmen instead of Bond and was then escorted off-stage.  At the same time the musicians in the band launched into their cover version of the Bond Theme “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

The promoter also spent hours collating film images which he cut and paste into a projection for the rear of the stage to be played whilst the band performed.

If you would like to see the 100% live videos then please follow this link:

To see the next instalment of the video you will need to keep checking back on our webpage as the band will be appearing very shortly in their own screening of The Name Is Band… Bond Tribute Band epic film! Watch this space!