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James Bond Themed Wedding

James Bond Themed Wedding

Getting married?  Looking to have a James Bond Themed wedding band for your evening entertainment?  Then….look no further! You’ve just found the perfect band for your special day!

The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are an experienced live wedding/party band who have performed at many events over the years and we love weddings!  We understand just how important this day is for you to get absolutely right and we do everything we can to ensure it is!

Don’t worry though – we don’t just play James Bond themes all night long!  Unless all your guests are die-hard Bond fans you will need to get the party started at some point! So what do we offer?

Bond Themed Set:

The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are an awesome James Bond Tribute band and will play the themes from the Bond Films for just over an hour to entertain your guests for the early part of the evening.  Goldeneye, Goldfinger, Skyfall, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – and many more!


Later on – we have one aim in mind – to get that dance-floor filled with our set of non-stop party hits and we ensure everyone has an amazing evening with hits from Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Blues Brothers, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Bruno Mars, Adele etc.


You don’t want the party set?  Want something a little different?  We can swap the party set for a swing set if you prefer and play some Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald etc.

When the band’s not playing the music doesn’t stop as we provide some wicked playlists on ipod and have an extensive library of songs available to choose from!

Want to know more about a James Bond Themed Wedding?  Please contact our Miss Moneyspent using our contact form and she will make it her mission to reply within 24 hours to find out more about your event and what you want and then provide you with a fully inclusive and competitive quote!

James Bond Themed Event

James Bond Themed Event

Are you organising a charity and fundraising event, wedding, corporate event or a surprise party/celebration and are looking for themed ideas?  What theme do you choose?  Well, with the new Bond film Spectre coming out in 2015 then a Las Vegas, Casino, Bond, Mardi Gras, James Bond themed event will always be well received.

The  Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band have attended many events and we thought we’d pass a few of our ideas and some of our experience on to you!

If you are planning a James Bond Themed event then you’ll need to think about how you want the evening to run.  It’s not all about the decoration – remember to leave enough in the budget for the entertainment!

Red Carpet Arrival – give your guests a celebrity entrance as they walk along a red carpet.  Throw in some paparazzi to take their photographs as they arrive – it doesn’t have to be a professional photographer – ask a couple of mates to bring cameras, wear old macs and press hats – if there’s film in the camera then even better – but there doesn’t have to be!

Hire in beautiful showgirls wearing diamonds, sequins, feathers and bikinis to greet them with glasses of martini– shaken not stirred of course – and escort your guests into the venue in style.

Look-a-likes. Greet guests with a James Bond look-a-like:Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Roger Moore. To add a bit of drama hire a henchman too like Jaws, Baron Samedi or Odd Job and get them to play off each other to add drama and excitement.  If your event is a fundraiser then hire a photographer and guests can have photos taken with the Bond and Henchman at loggerheads!

Disco flooring.   The Name Is Bond – Bond Tribute Band hired a responsive dance floor.  As guests walked/rolled over the panels on the floor the image would change with explosions and fire around them.

Scalextric – for a charity event The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band hired in a Giant Scalextric set – the cars were all bond themed so guests could pick their favourite Bond car to drive around the set.

Fire-eaters, stilt-walkers, live gold statues are always a great addition and can be very interactive.  It gives the feel of the Bond films Live and Let Die and GoldFinger and adds a little glamour too!

Looking for Bond/James Bond/Casino table decorations?  Hire or buy large martini glasses and fill them with diamonds, flowers, feathers, candles or battery operated fairy lights.

Name your tables with the Bond film titles and give your guests themed name places with questions and quizzes on the name tags so that guests can keep the conversation going and test their knowledge!  Why not offer a prize for the table who have the most correct answers?

You’ll possibly want a drinks reception – try a James bond themed ice sculptures – there are some great shapes in guns and girl statues that are filled with vodka shots .

Whilst guests are arriving consider a Lounge Band playing easy listening/jazz numbers to add a touch of class and atmosphere. The Name Is Band –  Bond Tribute Band have excellent musicians who can adapt to any musical style and can perform a cocktail set as guests arrive.

Of course no James Bond themed event is complete without a fantastic live band.  The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band is a 10-piece band who play James Bond Themes from the films. You can add our dancing girls or just have the band playing. Lively, impactive and certain to give you the WOW factor!

It doesn’t stop there! A further party set is added for later with the band playing non-stop hits from the 1960’s to today’s chart numbers there is something for every guest and we guarantee a packed floor! Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine, Adele, Sam & Dave, Blues Brothers, The Beatles and so many more…..

Want something more sophisticated?  Change the party set to our cracking swing set with hits from Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Sammy Davis Junior, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and so many more.

Hopefully the above will give you some inspiration. If you would like to get in touch to find out about the band we would love to hear from you!

London Bond Tribute Band

London Bond Tribute Band

Live or work in London?  Holding a Bond Themed event or party and are looking to book a London Bond Tribute Band?  Then please get in contact and talk to us about your event – we’d love to hear from you!

“The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band” are an experienced 10 piece James Bond Tribute Band playing all the Bond themes from the films.  Although based in the South West, our James Bond Tribute Band play all over the UK and frequently play for events in the London area.

This thank you was received after we performed for a themed corporate event in a casino in Leicester Square, London.  The event was fantastic and the client had hired in lots of Bond themed props to decorate the room – ice sculptures shaped as a gun that produced shots – very clever – and giant gold glittered guns which were perfect and very dramatic either side of the stage.

We were super-excited as the sound system installed in the venue was fantastic and our sound engineer was in heaven for the duration of the evening.  The venue sound engineer was also on hand in case needed but he really enjoyed sitting back and watching our guy work his magic to ensure the sound we produced was as authentic as possible to the original recordings.

Here’s what our client had to say about us after the event:

“Thank you so much for such a fabulous evening! We were very appreciative for how smooth the night went, particularly the band.  You most definitely were an outstanding highlight, I believe both sets worked out in the evening very well with the Bond music adding some sophistication to our theme & then the second set brought everyone together on the dance floor.  Many of our staff were praising the live performance! I will have no hesitation to return to you in the future & in recommending your group.”

Lauren Santarossa

Skyfall Bond Theme

Skyfall Bond Theme

The 23rd Bond Film Skyfall was a hit worldwide.  Adele performed and also co-wrote the Skyfall Bond theme which was the title track to this film and starred Daniel Craig as James Bond once again.  The Bond Tribute Band – The Name Is Band now have this amazing song within their Bond Theme Set and it sounds amazing.

Our version of the Skyfall Bond theme was recorded and produced at Weston College University Campus by the students of the Music Department who were studying their Music & Production FDA Course. We recorded the song in a studio so the students could learn about recording and mixing a large band – and they relished the opportunity to work with a 4-piece horn section.  The next day we returned so the students from the filming department could put their skills to good use and film the band so that they could learn editing as part of their course.  Although we would have preferred to record and film us performing live – the space and the facilities were not available to enable us to do this – so we had to record the sound/music one day and film the next.

This does mean that for the filming – the music was piped through the speakers and we had to play along with it for the students to learn about lighting, distance, angles etc.  So the final product isn’t live sadly – but the students had fantastic results for their exams and have now all gone on to work in the music business and are doing extremely well as a result!  We were really pleased to be a part of their final year examinations too and we think they did an awesome job with the videos.

Huge thanks go to Tony Hobden, Audio Producer and Video Director who was also ably assisted by students Matt Gray and Tarrant Sheppard on Engineering and Production.  Matt Mcleod was our student photographer for the process and Vicky Gray was the make-up guru for our very own Bond Musicians.  Many thanks to Paul Raymond for arranging the time and facilities for the students and the Bond Tribute Band to do the recordings in such a great space! Thanks also to Hannah Marie Rimes and Cassie Louise on hair and make-up, loan of earrings and faux fur stole!  Also Carla Dakin as our bond style dancers and Jess & Dan Cox for support and encouragement!

The Bond Tribute Band -“The Name Is Band” are an amazing Bond Tribute.  The band only performs LIVE as a 10-piece and can guarantee you and your guests a fantastic night of entertainment whatever the occasion: Corporate Entertainment, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Weddings, Celebrations – any event where you need the best Bond Tribute.  We perform a Cabaret-style Bond Theme Set and a cracking party set to get your guests on the dance-floor and keep them there.  For the ultimate in Bond Tribute get in contact.

James Bond Tribute Band –...

James Bond Tribute Band –...

Our James Bond Tribute Band – “The Name Is Band” have been in the recording studio recently laying down a few Bond themes.  It has been some four/five years since we last uploaded the band performing the Bond Themes on our website and our sound and performances have improved so much we wanted to record some more to show clients how we sound live now!  Whilst there, we were talked into doing a promotional DVD to show our clients what we look like as well as how we sound when we perform at their events.  Because we only ever perform as a 10-piece band, with the same band members each time, and ONLY totally live with no backing tracks EVER, we can assure our clients that we sound as good as the recordings each and every time we perform!

The promotional DVD was supposed to be a simple affair and we were expecting them to look like other band promotional DVD recordings we’ve all seen before – good quality, entertaining and showing the band off well.  However…… what we got was more! Much, much more!  Seeing as Skyfall received an Oscar this year it seems our sound engineer, recording guru, film-maker and lecturer, and his students studying music, film and drama at Weston Sixth Form College, decided between them that our DVD should also look like a Bond Film and equally be deserving of an Oscar!

We can tell you that they did indeed “do what it says on the tin” and have done THE most amazing job!  If they are still looking for a director for the next Bond film, seeing as Sam Mendes has stepped aside, then we think we’ve found the perfect candidates for the job!  The new promotional James Bond Tribute Band Videos– and the MP3s will be uploaded soon, so watch this space!

Win a pair of Cufflinks!

Win a pair of Cufflinks!

Want to win a pair of  Bond cufflinks?  The  Bond Tribute Band – The Name Is Band have a pair to give away and it’s really easy to enter!

All you need to do is visit the Bond Tribute Band Facebook page anytime between now and the end of May, “Like” the page and scroll down to find the picture of our two Secret Bond Agents Caption Competition.  You won’t miss the photograph for the Caption Competition – it has two of our Band Members with Bond/shock expressions with one is holding a carrot!

Remember- you have to “like” the Facebook page and then enter your caption under the photograph to enter the competition.  We will be announcing the winner at the end of May!


The winner of the caption competition and the Bond cufflinks was Andy Smith who is also lead cornet for Flowers Band.  Andy actually wore his Bond cufflinks on stage at the Albert Hall and they now feature regularly when wearing his DJ!



The date that started it all! The creation of the Bond Tribute Band “The Name Is Band”– 7th July (2) 007!  THE ultimate date in the bond diary really – 07.07.007.  Sarah, female vocalist in the band, organised a charity ball in aid of Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, CLIC and Bristol Children’s Hospital.  Sadly there was no bond tribute band on the circuit when Sarah was looking for one and instead the event had music provided by three great party bands and a cabaret style set by a Shirley Bassey Tribute.  With lots of help, donations, sponsorship and support from local businesses and suppliers this event turned out to be truly awesome.

Guests arrived to a red carpet arrival and were escorted by either our scantily clad Bond Boys or our Feathered Girls, met by Fire Eaters and Gold Girl Statues and given a glass of bubbles!  Once inside guests had to walk across a fabulous interactive floor that had flames or fish that swam away with every footstep.  The Bond Car themed scalextrix table proved to be a big hit and if guests were not into car racing then the casino tables were available and stilt walkers in sequins mingled around lavishly decorated rooms with stars, swags and diamonds at every turn! Bond themed wallpaper graced the walls and guests had their pictures taken with the suave and sophisticated Sean Connery look-a-like or the Baron Samedi look-a-like.  Outside a DB9 awaited and ladies took the opportunity to drape themselves over the bonnet for the ultimate Bond poses!   But for this event one thing was missing…. there was no Bond Themed Band to perform the iconic Bond Film themes.  However, the cogs were turning in the brain of our own Miss Moneyspent and within a couple of months after the 07.07.2007 event had finished – the Bond Tribute Band – The Name Is Band were born!

Microphone Technique

Microphone Technique

Microphone technique is really important if you are a singer.  Being able to control the volume produced by your own voice is a skill – and one you’d be surprised to know that not all vocalists employ!

So many singers get it wrong time and again and hold the microphone as close to their lips as possible which muffles the sound and alters the words that are sung.  A lot of singers rely on the sound engineer to help them out with this so the microphone will often stay as close to their mouth as possible for the duration of the number and also the event!

As you can see from the picture opposite, holding the microphone correctly in the first place also helps hugely!  Doh!  Hehe x

You have to know how to control your own voice, the light and shade needed to add depth, feeling, volume, emotion and tone is vitally important.  You have to get that emotion over to your audience and you can’t do that if you shout into the microphone or it never leaves your lips.  Don’t be afraid to move it away from you when you are singing – for the louder and more powerful numbers you’ll need to or it will sound like you are shouting!

The Bond themes are all different styles and tempos and have a different feel.  That’s why we love them!  As vocalists we get to sing a variety of styles through the evening and we are lucky to have two very experienced vocalists who know a lot about microphone technique. Our vocalists can adapt and perform each of the songs with ease.

Gavin Lazarus has the ability to transform his vocals from the smooth sultry and velvet tones and phrasing of Matt Munro and Frank Sinatra into the higher registers needed for the Aha and Duran Duran numbers (he also wears very tight rubber pants which helps the top range!).

Sarah has also been in many bands and can add the sexy purr and soft shades for Adele and Nancy Sinatra through to the ballsy and throaty vocals needed for Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner Bond music.  Both vocalists also know the correct way to hold the microphone as well….. unlike the girls here in the picture!

This is a The Name is Band computer system. This computer system, including all related musical equipment, dancers and James Bond related entertainments (including pyrotechnics) is provided only for official monkey business. The Name is Band computer systems may be monitored by authorized The Name is Band personnel for all lawful purposes to ensure their use is awesome, for management of the band, to facilitate protection against being un-updated, and to verify secret agent stuff. Monitoring includes, but is not limited to, musical uploads by Q and other authorized The Name is Band personnel to show and verify the greatness of the band. During music, great riffs and vocals may be examined, recorded, copied, and used for authorized purposes. All commentary including personal information placed on or sent over this system may be parody. Use of this computer system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to great live performances. Unauthorized use of this computer system may subject you to a stern telling off by Miss Moneyspent. Evidence of live music performance may be found throughout the site and lead to an immediate booking. James Bond Tribute Band Entertainment at it's best! The Name is Band are one of the South West's premier function bands with over 19 years experience providing reliable, professional, enthusiastic and fun performances nationwide. James Bond Tribute band. The first set consists of an hour of music from the Bond films including all your favourite Bond Themes. Designed with entertainment in mind there are costume changes and the option of Bond Girl dancers and even Pyrotechnics if the venue allows..... ensuring your event really goes with a BANG! This band guarantee only the very best in LIVE performance and with 10 enthralling musicians including an awesome 4-piece horn section (2 trumpets, sax and trombone) provide an amazing authentic live sound... no backing tracks needed with these guys! For their second set the band play only the very best of party cover hits from the 60's to the present day with the sole aim of getting everyone on the dance floor! So if you require entertainment to suit all Corporate Events, Charity Functions, Fundraisers, Casino or Bond Themed Celebrations nationwide.... then look no further!