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Swing and Easy Listening by...

Swing and Easy Listening by...

Swing and easy listening music is a classy addition to any corporate or private event, especially when you want to create an impression and WOW your guests.  So if you are look for a classy and polished James Bond Tribute Band for your event then look no further.

The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are a 10-piece band that specialises in, and is well known, for playing the James Bond Themes.  The band is made up of some amazing musicians from all over the UK.  We have a fabulous swing and easy listening set full of classy numbers with hits from legends such as the King of Swing Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr as well as a bit of Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.  We have the musicians, vocalists and arrangements that enable us to play the best of the swing era to suit your event.  Performed with style and of a high quality.

Gavin Male Vocalist and Swing SingerOur James Bond Tribute Band has two experienced, dynamic and entertaining vocalists.  As well as being adept at singing the many and varied styles of the Bond themes, they can also sing any swing and easy listening numbers.  All with style and panache!  You won’t be disappointed with the classy and skilled performance!

Gavin is the King of Crooners with his soft, suave, sophisticated phrasing and sulty sound.  What’s more he has a wicked sense of humour and links and introduces the numbers with facts galore.  Gavin is engaging and involves the audience with the performance and the band and is an exellent compere as well as an exceptional vocalist.  Sarah is the Queen of Sultry with a smooth, silky, meltingly chocolatey voice that gently caresses the songs of what some consider to be the best musical era and can adapt her vocal style to suit the song.  A recent client said that Sarah had a voice that made him melt.

The Name Is Band is essentially a James Bond Tribute band but, if that’s not your thing, then we don’t have to play any Bond themes during the evening at all.  We can concentrate on playing sets that just contain swing and easy listening music if you want?  Alternatively, we can play swing for one set and play a party set later – we have the best party set around too!  So we guarantee a packed dancefloor and happy guests!  Talk to us about your event and we can adapt what we do to suit you!

Bond-Tribute-VocalsWe have numbers from Caro Emerald, Amy Winehouse, versions similar to Post Modern Juke Box, the list goes on.  The members of the band are all experienced musicians who have been performing live with some of the top bands in the country.  You can be sure you are not booking amateurs or inexperienced performers when you book The Name Is Band…. Bond Tribute Band.

In addition, the band look the part by wearing tuxedos and sequins.  If you have a particular theme then please just talk to us – we can adapt our costumes/outfits to suit you.  We were recently asked to perform for a Hollywood themed event and we adapted our sets to suit as well as our outfits.

Whatever the event, wherever the event is, you can be sure you are booking a professional and reliable band that are easy to work with – with no prima donnas or difficult personalities to deal with – just a great bunch of musicians who have just the one aim –  to ensure your night is fabulous!

Get in contact today for more information.

Skyfall Cover – The Name...

Skyfall Cover – The Name...

This is our cover of Skyfall by The Name Is Band…Bond Tribute Band. We have some fabulous live videos to upload to You Tube and Vimeo but due to being so busy with the band as well as a brand new Wedding Business – time seems to be against us – so we need to meet a super villain to create a cloning machine to enable us more time to fit it all in!

In the meantime, we thought we would introduce our new followers who visit the site and remind our old followers of a couple of video recordings we did a while back at Weston College.  The students at the college were in their final year with examinations looming.

The first remit for the recording students learning all about studio recording and mixing was to record and mix a large band that had a brass section. Step in The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band!  On the first day we had to all go in and record our parts – the space wasn’t available to record the whole band performing together so we had to record the numbers in sections.

The secon remit was for the video students who had to record a large band performing live and learn about lighting, technique and close ups.  We had to play each song a minimum of three times so they could record the different sections on the new awesome camera the college had just bought.

So the recording was done one day, the filming the next – not how we like to do it as we only ever perform 100% live – but it was an opportunity to record and film the band so we could use it for promotion and marketing in the future.

They certainly had their work cut out for them as we are a 10piece band and there are lots of light and shade in our performance!

After these two days the students had to learn how to put the two together – the filming and the recording.  We think they did an awesome job with our 10-piece James Bond Tribute Band but what do you think?

Check out the video and our cover version of Skyfall on Vimeo– we were very happy with the results – the quality of the video was exceptional and for students in their final year of college – we think they did brilliantly!


James Bond Tribute Band

James Bond Tribute Band

It has been a busy year for the Bond Tribute Band with lots of super James Bond themed events and celebrations that we have had the pleasure of attending.  It’s also been a busy year for our party band which seems to be hugely popular due to the vibrant and funky songs, performed by some excellent musicians in a fun and interactive style!

When booking a live band you need to know they are reliable, friendly and easy to work with, listen to your requirements and adapt/change/make experienced suggestions, have an excellent reputation, will arrive on time, set up, perform when needed to a high standard and be respectful of the venue, the client and all the guests.  Phew!  That’s a long list but an essential one!

Well, The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are all those things, and more, so you can be sure of a professional and attentive service from the moment you contact us until we have left the venue and are on our way home after ensuring that we’ve played a blindingly good James Bond themed set as well as a non-stop, floor-filling party set.

So for any event where you need a quality live band that will listen to your needs and be helpful and contactable from the moment you start organising the event until the very end then contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!

James Bond Themed Charity...

James Bond Themed Charity...

Love your cricket?  So do we!  Somerset County Cricket Ground  in Taunton will be the venue for the Peter Trego Benefit Year Gala Charity Event on Saturday 8th August 2015!  Music for the entire evening will be provided by The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band.

We will be performing over an hour of James Bond Themes in a cabaret style performance whilst guests enjoy a 3 course dinner: Diamonds Are Forever, Skyfall, Goldfinger, We Have All The Time In the World, From Russia With Love, Thunderball…. the list of Bond themes goes on.

This will be followed by a charity auction with some AMAZING prizes on offer!

After a short break the band will return to play a non-stop party set so bring along your dancing shoes – you’re going to need them!  Hits from Aretha Franklin, Blues Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Adele, Michael Jackson, The Monkeys, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse.…  all designed to keep that dance floor packed.

A lively, fun, interactive, fabulous, entertaining evening awaits – so buy your tickets now to guarantee a table!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet some brilliant and talented cricketers – past and present – who may also be able to sign photos for you.


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Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Chris Evans Breakfast Show

“The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band had a mention on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show last week?

The Chris Evans Breakfast show had the wonderful David Arnold on in the morning and he was talking about the James Bond themes and his life as a composer.  As part of the Breakfast Show Vassos decided his Top Ten Tenuous Links should be Bond Theme related!

Matt, the drummer for The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band  sent in a text to sayhe was the drummer for a 10-piece James Bond Tribute Band and they read his text out over the radio.

We came in at Number 7 on the Top Ten Tenuous Links for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show!  You can hear it on our facebook page but scroll along to about 2 hours and 48 minutes to hear it!


Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever

…they are all I need to please me… they can stimulate and tease me….” ooooooeeerrr.

We can see why the lyrics in this particular Bond Theme: Diamonds Are Forever were not a huge hit for Harry Saltzman who was the producer of this James Bond Film starring Sean Connery in 1971.  He apparently thought that the lyrics were a little too risky.  This Bond theme only made the film in the end as Albert Broccoli absolutely loved it!  We think you’ll agree that Dame Shirley Bassey does an AWESOME job of singing the pants off this Bond theme!  SUCH saucy lyrics but then innuendo always plays a big part in all the James Bond films and Diamonds Are Forever was no exception.

Sean Connery appeared in 7 Bond films in total.  Diamonds Are Forever was the last Bond movie by Eon to use SPECTRE.  We can’t wait for the next Bond film due out in November 2015 which is called SPECTRE!  Wonder if they will bring back Dame Shirley Bassey to sing it?

Well we thought we’d see if Diamonds really are Forever – and found this little cheeky diamond encrusted Mercedes that was custom built for a mere £48million – not sure if we would ever drive this anywhere and we certainly wouldn’t leave it parked on the street overnight!

Diamonds Are Forever – This is The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band‘s version of this Bond Theme.  Have a listen and get in contact:


James Bond Tribute Band on...

James Bond Tribute Band on...

Did you know that you can find our James Bond Tribute Band on Facebook?  Simply search for “Bond Tribute Band” or “The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band” and you’ll find us or follow the link below which will take you directly to the page.

Pop on over to the facebook page to find more news and information about the band and pop us a little “like” on the page so that you can keep updated!

We will be putting a few James Bond news items on the page but we will also be running a few competitions that you can win soon – but you have to like our page to be included in the competition.  We’ve some pretty amazing items up for grabs so don’t miss out!

The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band on facebook– and don’t forget – you have to “LIKE” the page to stay updated

The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band is a 10piece band that play all the themes from the Bond films as well as a party and/or swing set depending on your preference and style of the evening.  We are fully self contained with our own PA and lighting and you can be confident of a booking a reliable, professional and fun James Bond Tribute Band for your event.  Contact us for more information.

Thank you to our Miss...

Thank you to our Miss...

A beautiful bouquet of flowers was given to our female vocalist as a “thank you” for all her help and advise she gave to the client on the run up to a private birthday party that was James Bond Themed.

This was a lovely surprise and an incredibly kind gesture by the client.

Sarah was told that she was a huge help and suggested lots of things for the party from decorations through to the entertainment and was always available to talk things through with the client on the run up to the event.

This isn’t anything unusual – Sarah is always available to discuss ideas, timings, entertainment, decorations with each and every one of our clients and we aim to give a first class service each and every time… but it’s lovely to be thanked in this way and it made Sarah cry on the night as it was such a sweet thing to do!

Do you have a James Bond or Casino wedding, charity event, themed party to organise?  If so, get in contact with James Bond Tribute Band as we’d love to talk to you about the event and how we can help make it a fabulous evening!

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