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James Bond Party

James Bond Party

If you are looking for a classy, suave and sophisticated James Bond Tribute Band for your James Bond Party then you are stopping on the right web page as The Name Is Band…Bond Tribute Band are a fantastic James Bond Tribute Band.  We travel anywhere in the UK and abroad and only play 100% live.

If you were watching television in 2016 you would have seen the Banksy “art” display at The Tropicana in Weston Super Mare.  On the 19th August 2017 we were booked to perform at this iconic venue.  After the Banksy art installation the local council are seizing the opportunity and slowly building the Tropicana into an events space.  Part of this internal space is now The Reaper Bar, receiving much investment from a local promoter to get things started and build the space into a live music venue.

Mark Whitehouse saw The Name Is Band perform in Bristol in October 2016 and asked us to play for a James Bond themed event at The Reaper Bar in August 2017 and we were delighted to be asked.

Mark isn’t your normal promoter either it seems.  In preparation for this event he created an online video teaser as promotion which involved spending a few hours on the beach as the sun was setting with fast cars, a Bond look-a-like, some henchmen and a few fake guns.  What his team produced was a trailer for our band to firstly promote the event and, on the night of the event, act as an introduction with the full film shown.

This ended up with a fight scene and our female vocalist acting as a Pussy Galore style turncoat who shot the henchmen instead of Bond and was then escorted off-stage whilst The Name Is Band launched into their cover version of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The promoter also spent hours collating film images which he cut and paste into a projection for the rear of the stage to be played whilst the band performed.

If you would like to see the 100% live videos then please follow this link:

To see the next instalment of the video you will need to keep checking back on our webpage as the band will be appearing very shortly in their own screening of The Name Is Band… Bond Tribute Band epic film! Watch this space!

James Bond Themed Events

James Bond Themed Events

Are you organising any James Bond Themed Events? The next James Bond film is now underway with a film title chosen, the main leading man returning once again (we think Daniel Craig is returning but he keeps us guessing!) and locations for potential filming are being whispered all over the internet.

So that means only one thing – THERE IS A NEW BOND THEME COMING!

Rumour has it that Adele may return once more (see what we did there!) so time will tell if that is the case or not.  As a James Bond Tribute Band we are always excited to hear the first airing of the new Bond Theme for the film.  Will it be male or female singer this time?  Will it be a slow sensuous ballad or a rocky, thrusting number?

With the new film on the horizon The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band know that James Bond themed events will be popular all over the UK and abroad. Parties galore will be springing up everywhere.

If you are planning your James Bond themed event then what better entertainment could you you provide your guests than a live James Bond Tribute Band  so please get in contact for a bespoke quote for your event.

The Name Is Band is a 10 piece James Bond Tribute Band made up of:

Female Vocalist
Male Vocalist
Bass Guitarist
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Saxophonist (Alto & Tenor)
Trombonist (Tenor & Bass)

We only ever play as a 10 piece and we only ever play live.  What does that mean?  Well, we don’t use any backing tracks at all – it is always 100% live and exciting!

Reaper Nights At the Tropicana...

Reaper Nights At the Tropicana...

The Reaper Bar at the Tropicana in Weston super Mare is hosting a James Bond Tribute night with The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band headlining.

There will be music, Bond themes, Dancing girls, Canapes, Bubbly, Casino Tables, followed by a stonking party set by the members of The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band too!

This is a night not to be missed.  There are VIP tickets available which also include a free photograph, canapes and a glass of bubbly for £20.00 or you can purchase a ticket for the sheer enjoyment of dressing up as your favourite Bond Girl or Bond for £12.50.

Tickets can be purchased by following THIS LINK

Hopefully see you all there!  But this is a night not to be missed!

It’s not often the band are asked to play for a public event – most of our events are for private parties and corporate celebrations.  So it’s great to be able to play a venue that is so local to us.

The Reaper Bar is situated in the old Tropicana at Weston super Mare on the seafront.  Laying empty for decades this venue is now being invested in by the local council and they are holding live music events throughout the year.  A substantial amount of investment has been made in the sound and light equipment as well as the general layout of the room.  It’s definitely great to be asked to play here and we are looking forward to the evening.

Hopefully this venue will continue to host stunning music events and more investment will be made to the rest of the building and restoration as the years go on – it would be great to see it used more by all the community and we know that some great acts are lined up for the coming months.

See the band live! Bond...

See the band live! Bond...

The name is Band, Bond Band. The name instantly conjures up an image of a suave, sophisticated, themed James Bond Tribute Band and that is EXACTLY what we are!

Over the years we have been delighted to play for some fantastic events all over the UK and also abroad.  We have performed in some fabulous venues for some pretty awesome clients and there isn’t a better job anywhere!  All the band members adore playing the James Bond themes as they are all so varied, vibrant and exciting numbers with lots of light and shade within.

However, all our events seem to be for private parties or private corporate events.   These events are truly fabulous with lavish decoration, food and the dresses that are worn by the guests are simply stunning!  This isn’t a complaint by the way – it’s more of a realisation that it isn’t often that The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band are booked for a public event so that we can invite friends, family and people who we know are absolutely desperate to come along and hear us.

So we are delighted to be able to tell you all that we have two events booked in 2017 where tickets are available so you too can come along and see/hear the band.  This article is to promote the first event…. which is on the 19th August at the Reaper Bar.  This is in the old Tropicana.  It used to be a swimming pool with a slogan of “It’s fun, it’s fruity, it’s wet and wild!”.  A bit Saucy eh?  I remember having one of the first t-shirts with that slogan on the front and a large pineapple on the reverse – and I’ve worn that t-shirt to paint every room I’ve ever decorated since the age of 14 (yes – thank you – to some that means it’s vintage!)

But we like to think that The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are also fun, fruity and wild (yes you’ll notice I left one out!).  But Bond is full of innuendo, saucy one liners and can be a bit tongue in cheek too!  Perfect!

So on the 19th August The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band will be taking to the stage and playing at The Reaper Bar in the old Tropicana building.

It has been revamped and the sound system and stage installation is fantastic.  We’ve also heard that the promoter provides Martinis, Faux Fur spinning round sofas, caviar and massages for all performers in the green room before, during and after sets too (we know they don’t – but it would be very Bond if they did and it’s always worth a try!)

It’s not just us performing however…. on arrival guests will be greeted by a glass of bubbly and some locally made canapes which are simply sublime dhaling!  As guests arrive they will be sereneded by the gentle soothing yet suave vocals of Marvin the Jazzman, a Bond Car will be there for photos and our Bond Girl Style Dancers will be around to meet and greet the guests.

After a short time The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band will take to the stage and entertain everyone with Bond themes such as Diamonds Are Forever, Thunderball, Live & Let Die, From Russia With Love, Skyfall, Writings on the Wall, Goldfinger etc.

After the first set and a short break (some caviar, martinis and that back massage we were hankering after) the band will be back with a full-on party set with the best hits from the past 6 decades designed to get that dancefloor packed and keep it that way.

But what about the casino tables?  They will be available for guests once we start our Bond set so that you can throw your dice like a James Bond Badass whilst we croon to you and create the ultimate atmosphere.

So, where can you buy the tickets?  Well, we are glad you asked – tickets are on sale now and are ONLY £20 each! £20!  Includes your bubbly, canapes, entertainment and entry.  Bargain!  Tickets are available NOW from this very link!





Shhhhhsshh….Well the band are a little bit excited to be involved in a bit of filming in April.  We can’t say a lot at the moment as it’s all a bit hush hush but we thought we’d tease you a little and then leave you waiting…..

All will be revealed soon but expect a touch of James Bond, mixed with Snatch, mixed with Carry On and The Lady Loves Milk Tray.  Confused?  So are we!  But it’s going to be a great laugh and we can’t wait to get involved.

James Bond Tribute Band for...

James Bond Tribute Band for...

Looking for a James Bond Tribute Band, perfect for charity events and fundraising evenings anywhere in the UK?  You need The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band.

A 9 piece 100% live band, The Name Is Bond, Bond Tribute Band are hugely experienced at performing for charity fundraising events and we do all we can to help make your evening a success.

Fundraising is always difficult, especially in today’s financial climate, but we find that if your guests have an amazing, fun filled evening then they are more likely to dig deep and donate..

We help you set the scene from the outset of the evening and can also suggest ways and ideas to help you theme the event.  We also have lots of contacts for entertainment so can arrange this for you too.  Having a live band is impactive and creates the wow factor – if you have a themed James Bond Tribute Band then this impact is created from the very start of the evening and adds enormously to the atmosphere of the event.

Are you planning a drinks reception followed by a meal?  Perfect!  Towards the end of the drinks reception the Bond Tribute Band can begin playing the Bond themes whilst guests make their way to their seats, creating the atmosphere, drama and excitement.  We would play for approximately 20 minutes at this time and leave once guests have finished their starters and give them time to talk over the main course.  If you want to add more drama then we can add on our dancers, pyrotechnics, backdrops, themed pop ups if required.  It’s quite exciting for your guests to arrive, perhaps you could hire in a red carpet and fake paparazzi as they arrive at the venue and enjoy a glass of bubbly or a martini.  After a short time, The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band would start with a few Bond themes.  From the very start of the evening, the scene is set.

Alternatively, if you are planning a longer cocktail reception and would like live music as your guests arrive until it is time for the dinner, then we can also provide easy listening/cocktail lounge style sets at this time.  Just ask!  Our musicians/vocalists are highly skilled and experienced and can adapt to suit your event.

Once the main course is over, and any speeches/presentations are made, then the band will return for a second impactive James Bond themed set. It is a perfect time to open up the casino tables for your guests and, at this time, The Name Is Band would play whilst your guests play the tables.  Perfect and oh so very James Bond!

After a short break and costume change The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band return once again but this time with our party set.  Your guests have been wined and dined, played the tables and their feet will be itching to hit the dance floor and we guarantee to fill the dance floor for the rest of the evening!  With the best hits from the 1960s to present day hits we provide a varied but impactive set that is interactive and the best party set around! So not only are we a great James Bond Tribute band, we also have THE BEST party set/s around and can also provide a swing style/rat pack style set if required too!

If you want to know more about the band then please get in contact today for a fully inclusive and competitive quote for The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band.  We’d be delighted to discuss your event with you and hear your ideas!



Thunderball.  Originally a hit for Tom Jones in the film of the same name. Thunderball (1965) is the fourth spy film in the James Bond series starring Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond too.

Well this is a particular favourite of our James Bond Tribute Band as it is sung so wonderfully well by our male vocalist Gavin.  And that note at the end?  Wowzers

Gavin has the smoothest, suavest approach to singing – his voice is like melted chocolate it’s THAT smooth!  The way he phrases any line is so beautifully and skillfully done.  Thunderball is a powerful and strong number and at the end is THE longest note ever.  It was rumoured that Tom Jones passed out when recording his version as the note was so powerful and so long.  Well at a recent event Gavin just took a breath in and held that note right until the end! Perfectly held and executed sir!  What a vocalist!

It doesn’t just stop there.  Gavin is also a James Bond film fanatic and has so many facts at his fingertips.  He is a great front man who is relaxed and genial in his delivery, engaging the audience and keeping them entertained in between the songs too!  So if you want to see Gavin perform this wonderful Bond theme song in person then you have to book the band!  Contact us today for a fully inclusive and competitive quote for your event.

It’s not just Gavin that is amazing – the whole band totally rocks.  Band members are exceptional musicians and every single one loves playing the Bond themes.  Although band members perform in other function bands, as is the case with most, if not all professional musicians on the circuit, when a James Bond Tribute Band booking is on the horizon, every single member of the band is suddenly available and they dep out other events in order to do the Bond one!  Band members are experienced, professional, fun and easy going.  Each member takes a personal pride in ensuring the sound and look of the band/songs are just right and work hard on their own performance.  The band only ever plays 100% live – there are never any backing tracks used – so you can be sure the performance and sound is always 100% and totally live.

Don’t take our word for just how good this band is – check our out videos or come along to one of our rehearsals and meet the members of The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band!  Alternatively give our Miss Moneyspent an email to find out more!

Her Voice Makes Me Melt

Her Voice Makes Me Melt

“Her voice just makes me melt.” is just one of the lovely comments made by a client at a recent charity event and performance by The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band.

Halfway through the band’s performance of “The Writing’s On The Wall”, which was recorded by Sam Smith for the most recent Bond film Spectre, the room was silent, the guests stopped playing on the casino tables and turned to watch the band and listen, a guest leaned over to the event organiser and said “Her Voice Just Makes Me Melt”.

The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band did a more relaxed and stripped back version of The Writing’s on the Wall.  It was a dynamic and emotional performance.   One other guest said that it was “the first time I knew what the words were to the song, I didn’t like the original as I had no idea what Sam Smith was singing, but I could hear them tonight and I loved this version – beautifully sung too”.

So if you are planning a Casino or James Bond themed event or wedding then please get in contact for a bespoke, competitive and all inclusive quote.  The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band is a quality 10 piece James Bond Tribute Band who are really easy to work with but also guarantee a quality and polished performance.

We also have the best party set around which we play later in the evening once your guests get itchy feet and need to start partying.  We have the best hits from the 1950’s to present day chart hits and we are always adding new music to our sets so that we stay fresh and vibrant.

Talk to us about your event and book us today for a competitive and all inclusive quote.

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