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See the band live! Bond Tribute Band

See the band live! Bond Tribute Band

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The name is Band, Bond Band. The name instantly conjures up an image of a suave, sophisticated, themed James Bond Tribute Band and that is EXACTLY what we are!

Over the years we have been delighted to play for some fantastic events all over the UK and also abroad.  We have performed in some fabulous venues for some pretty awesome clients and there isn’t a better job anywhere!  All the band members adore playing the James Bond themes as they are all so varied, vibrant and exciting numbers with lots of light and shade within.

However, all our events seem to be for private parties or private corporate events.   These events are truly fabulous with lavish decoration, food and the dresses that are worn by the guests are simply stunning!  This isn’t a complaint by the way – it’s more of a realisation that it isn’t often that The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band are booked for a public event so that we can invite friends, family and people who we know are absolutely desperate to come along and hear us.

So we are delighted to be able to tell you all that we have two events booked in 2017 where tickets are available so you too can come along and see/hear the band.  This article is to promote the first event…. which is on the 19th August at the Reaper Bar.  This is in the old Tropicana.  It used to be a swimming pool with a slogan of “It’s fun, it’s fruity, it’s wet and wild!”.  A bit Saucy eh?  I remember having one of the first t-shirts with that slogan on the front and a large pineapple on the reverse – and I’ve worn that t-shirt to paint every room I’ve ever decorated since the age of 14 (yes – thank you – to some that means it’s vintage!)

But we like to think that The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band are also fun, fruity and wild (yes you’ll notice I left one out!).  But Bond is full of innuendo, saucy one liners and can be a bit tongue in cheek too!  Perfect!

So on the 19th August The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band will be taking to the stage and playing at The Reaper Bar in the old Tropicana building.

It has been revamped and the sound system and stage installation is fantastic.  We’ve also heard that the promoter provides Martinis, Faux Fur spinning round sofas, caviar and massages for all performers in the green room before, during and after sets too (we know they don’t – but it would be very Bond if they did and it’s always worth a try!)

It’s not just us performing however…. on arrival guests will be greeted by a glass of bubbly and some locally made canapes which are simply sublime dhaling!  As guests arrive they will be sereneded by the gentle soothing yet suave vocals of Marvin the Jazzman, a Bond Car will be there for photos and our Bond Girl Style Dancers will be around to meet and greet the guests.

After a short time The Name Is Band, Bond Tribute Band will take to the stage and entertain everyone with Bond themes such as Diamonds Are Forever, Thunderball, Live & Let Die, From Russia With Love, Skyfall, Writings on the Wall, Goldfinger etc.

After the first set and a short break (some caviar, martinis and that back massage we were hankering after) the band will be back with a full-on party set with the best hits from the past 6 decades designed to get that dancefloor packed and keep it that way.

But what about the casino tables?  They will be available for guests once we start our Bond set so that you can throw your dice like a James Bond Badass whilst we croon to you and create the ultimate atmosphere.

So, where can you buy the tickets?  Well, we are glad you asked – tickets are on sale now and are ONLY £20 each! £20!  Includes your bubbly, canapes, entertainment and entry.  Bargain!  Tickets are available NOW from this very link!




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