This is our cover of Skyfall by The Name Is Band…Bond Tribute Band. We have some fabulous live videos to upload to You Tube and Vimeo but due to being so busy with the band as well as a brand new Wedding Business – time seems to be against us – so we need to meet a super villain to create a cloning machine to enable us more time to fit it all in!

In the meantime, we thought we would introduce our new followers who visit the site and remind our old followers of a couple of video recordings we did a while back at Weston College.  The students at the college were in their final year with examinations looming.

The first remit for the recording students learning all about studio recording and mixing was to record and mix a large band that had a brass section. Step in The Name Is Band – Bond Tribute Band!  On the first day we had to all go in and record our parts – the space wasn’t available to record the whole band performing together so we had to record the numbers in sections.

The secon remit was for the video students who had to record a large band performing live and learn about lighting, technique and close ups.  We had to play each song a minimum of three times so they could record the different sections on the new awesome camera the college had just bought.

So the recording was done one day, the filming the next – not how we like to do it as we only ever perform 100% live – but it was an opportunity to record and film the band so we could use it for promotion and marketing in the future.

They certainly had their work cut out for them as we are a 10piece band and there are lots of light and shade in our performance!

After these two days the students had to learn how to put the two together – the filming and the recording.  We think they did an awesome job with our 10-piece James Bond Tribute Band but what do you think?

Check out the video and our cover version of Skyfall on Vimeo– we were very happy with the results – the quality of the video was exceptional and for students in their final year of college – we think they did brilliantly!